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Hi. Welcome to MixedStudio. My name is Joel Rossol and I'm a freelance web developer (and all-around media guy) who is hanging out a shingle and seeing what happens.

I built my first website in highschool with a text editor... and it's funny how, after 10 years and about 10 fancy "web graphics" tools... I've finally come back to the code again. I guess my motto is if you can't do it from scratch, then you are stuck with the limitations of the product you currently use. I don't like limitations, and I can help you overcome the limitations imposed on you by your website.

Need some front-end design work done? I've got CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, and Flash at my disposal.

Need help with the backend? No problem... I've built about a dozen admin systems in PHP... from scratch.

Need an event photographer? Check out my photography portfolio.

Why don't you shoot me an email and we can figure out if I have the skillset you need to fix your online problem.